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How to Fix .exe Setup Files Not Opening in Windows 10 (These files can’t be opened)

how to fix software setup .exe file not opening, can't run .exe file

Codes: "%1"%*
assoc .exe=exefile

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dale tindall : Mine is an installation issue. I have an exe to install a new software but it tries to open and after 1 second closes instantly i have tried all your methods :( nothing is working
Asma Kazi : Thank you so much. This actually helped.
Ha Ha : Hey my friend.
Thank you for this tutorial. I had this happen. I was racking my brain for awhile lol. Very cool that it's an easy fix.
Stop by and say hi
Hugs from us
Buwaneka Godage : 3rd one worked for me and you saved my lot of time
Thank you man
Mohammed Uddin : The registry edit worked for me, really smart of you. I do not know how you managed to do that or know that but am glad you helped your fellow gamers. Thank you so much good sir!

How to Create Setup.exe in Visual Studio 2019 | FoxLearn

How to create setup file in visual studio 2019 for windows application step by step.


Through this video tutorial you will learn:

create simple c# application using visual studio
how do i setup an exe file?
how do i create a setup file in visual studio?
How do you create an installer?
how do i create a project in visual studio 2019
create an installer from visual studio
create setup/msi installer in Visual Studio 2019
setup project deployment of a windows forms application
microsoft visual studio 2019 installer projects tutorial
Easy Engineering : For the people having issues with the "you are trying to open a file of type system file .dll" I solved by using "Publish Items" instead of "Primary Output " in the "Project Output"
Simon A : Just what I was looking for and helped a lot. If I could make one small suggestion and that's the target application should be called something like 'My Forms App' so it's much clearer when we're discussing the SetUp App and when the actual app being set up. But I'm being picky, I was still able to follow, just had to concentrate.
Darren Hind : I've learned so much from your tutorials as a beginner, so thank you.
One question though, as I'm not fully understanding the difference between debug/release. How do I update my program after changing code in VS?
Edinson Sanchez : Finally a tutorial channel that is simple, easy to follow, and without long unnecesary intos and bloat.
SSoup420 : Thanks for the tutorial, I do have a question though, how can I include .dll files in the installer? My application is heavily dependent on them and I can't figure out a way to add them.

Setup.exe - Simplify Hardware Installation.

Get more information:

The Setup.exe enables one technician to do the job of two. The Setup.exe secures the weight of equipment, such as switches, in server and network racks until they are securely screwed in. Mounted inside out of a rack the Setup.exe creates the ideal workspace to place a laptop during configuration or terminating a patch panel.




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