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HD-SDI CCTV Video recording

HD-SDI CCTV video taken using a Pansonic HD-SDI 2.8-12.0mm Camera and a TVT HD-SDI DVR

Sudhakar R : So what is there in this video...

HD-SDI CCTV Camera - 1080P - Details & actual recordings from this camera

hdcctv.co.uk Telephone 01952 505696

This video shows the IQC1920B camera, details \u0026 actual recordings made during the day \u0026 at night.

www.hdcctv.co.uk Telephone 01952 505696
email sales@hdcctv.co.uk


Sales: we specialise in sales of High Definition CCTV equipment for home users as well as larger systems to many other business industries and establishment customers. 
Service: we pride ourselves on giving great customer service, we go the extra mile to assist both before and after making a purchase, we give honest straight talking clear advice without confusing you with techno-babble 

We supply AHD (analog high definition) and HD IP (internet protocol) CCTV Security cameras and HD video recorders. With HD resolutions of 1080P and 5 Megapixel IP systems you are guaranteed a clear picture.

We are so confident in the image quality of our equipment we show it off in our self-produced product videos.

Contact Us:
Website www.hdcctv.co.uk
Email: Sales@hdcctv.co.uk
Telephone: 01952 505696

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How to connect HD SDI Ccctv Camera to HD-SDI DVR ?

HD SDI cameras are used where you need to broadcast the live shows or events. HD SDI camreras are high Quality cameras with 1080p resolution. The range is a simple yet solid camera unit designed for shorter range applications. The cameras come with a fixed lens and are ready to install out of the box. Suitable for retail, small commercial, domestic or lower-cost installations, the range is for installers requiring an entry-level camera with performance and reliability. Broadcasting pictures with OSD controller.

What is SDI?
Serial digital interface [SDI] standard is based on a 270 Mbps transfer rate, over a single 75 ohm coaxial cable [BNC connector], up to 600 feet. Serial Digital Interface is a [standard definition] digital broadcast television standard providing a lossless digital encoding of standard NTSC and PAL formats [with embedded audio]. SDI is used in Television stations, cable channels, and professional production Equipment. SDI provides a method for transmitting uncompressed digital video, audio and other data between video devices.

SDI is described in ITU R BT 601 standard for interface of component digital video. SDI is defined in SMPTE259M and ITU-R BT.656 standards. SMPTE259M defines four standard bit rates from 143Mbps to 360Mbps [ 270Mps is common]. SMPTE 344M adds a 540Mbps bit rate. One component of luminance (with 720 samples per line), and two of color (each with 360 samples per line). There are either 10 or 8 bits per sample [scrambled, polarity independent interface, with common scrambling for both component ITU-R 601 and composite digital video and four channels of (embedded) digital audio]. The SDI bit stream is encoded using a pseudo-random scramble followed by a NRZ-to NRZI conversion. The scramble code is x9+ x4+1.

What is HD-SDI?

HD-SDI stands for High-Definition Serial Digital Interface. It is the common term for a high-definition digital video transmission standard known as SMPTE 292M.
The SMPTE 292M standard is part of a family of Serial Digital Interface standards that use a coaxial cable to transport uncompressed digital video -- currently still predominantly used in professional TV studios.

In short, HD-SDI is a standard for transmitting uncompressed broadcast-grade HD video signals over short distances (although longer distances are possible with fibre optic cables). More than 400 interface standards are published by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), an internationally recognised industry organisation that develops common standards, practices and guidelines mostly for television and cinema.

HD-SDI Bit Rates
The 292M interface of the HD-SDI standard has a nominal data rate of 1.5 Gbps. To be precise, the standard specifies two exact bit rates:
a) 1.485 GbpsSupports 60 Hz, 50 Hz, 30 Hz, 25 Hz, 24 Hz and other commonly used frame rates.
b) 1/485/1.001 GbpsAllows the standard to support video formats with frame rates of 59.94 Hz, 29.97 Hz and 23.98 Hz, making it upwards compatible with existing NTSC (analogue video) systems.

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Ivan Matic : Does it support HD-SDI1080/50i input? Which recording formats/bitrates are supported and can it record 4 channels individually?





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