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THN038 - S-132 (1) - Introduction - an add-on for the #IMSAI8080 Replica

The S-132 provides many I/O features of the IMSAI8080 normally provided by additional cards on the S-100 bus. It connects to the "Patch" header on the IMSAI8080 or Cromemco Z-1 replicas from @TheHighNibble (see: https://thehighnibble.com) And produces output on a VGA monitor with support for either a PS/2 or USB-HID keyboard.

Powered by an ESP32: S-100 + ESP32 = S-132

With the S-132 attached to the IMSAI8080 or Cromemco Z-1 replica you have all the functionality of the following S-100 attached devices, without the need to use the Web Desktop:
• VT100 (TTY:) terminal via serial UART (IMSAI SIO-2 S-100 card)
• two additional VT100 (or C3102) terminals (TTY2: \u0026 TTY3:) via serial UART (Cromemco TU-ART S-100 card - Cromemco Z-1 only)
• IMSAI VIO (CRT:) S-100 card
• Cromemco Dazzler S-100 card
• Cromemco D+7A Input/Output S-100 card
• two Cromemco JS-1 analog joysticks
• a Centronics parallel printer port (DB-25) via the D+7AIO with passthrough for the LPT: device

Additonally, the S-132 adds a System Menu (SYS:) where you can
• mount/eject disk images from the 4 emulated floppy disk drives
• view and control the Run/Stop/Reset/Ext.Clr state of the front panel (CPA:)
• view all the system information normally found in the SYS: device on the Web Desktop

Lastly, the S-132 has a DC barrel jack and a selectable 7805 5V regulator allowing you the option of powering your IMSAI8080, along with the S-132, from a standard DC power supply (from 5V to 12V).

See the additional photos at https://twitter.com/TheHighNibble/status/1609016633439158274?s=20\u0026t=0GDzqCiu7zynygMgIkZv4Q to see how the S-132 mounts on the rear of the IMSAI8080 replica, along with the two analog joysticks.
Oddzball3 : Glad to see you release more stuff, ill be picking one up for sure when available! Cheers from America! Love your Kit, was an excellent build.

I3 Mega original machine upgraded with new low profile fan led shroud. making beautiful parts.




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