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Power Saver Scam EXPOSED!

Power Saver devices are sold everywhere. But do they actually save power?! DON'T BE SHEEP!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

#PowerSaver #SCAM #PowerFactor #ElectroBOOM
ihor Voronchak : He talks about China, puts up the Turkish flag and plays the soviet anthem, he is truly Mr. Worldwide
Charmin0021 : ElectroBoom = come for a guy who shocks himself, stay for education
david mundy : I am a retired Electronics technician and I want everyone to know this guy is NOT full of B.S. He knows what he is talking about and demonstrates it par excellent.
Jay : Everytime he says "lets plug it in" i panic internally.
TheZipperDragon : I feel like out of all the times he's shocked & burned himself, his customer service experience was the most painful thing he's done on this channel.

Chinese Power Saver - Does it actually save power?

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In this video I will have a look at two chinese power saver devices, explain how they work and why those might not be a good option to save power. Along the way I will talk about reactive power and distortion reactive power.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Ice Flake : These devices actually have the capability to reduce your power consumption by a great factor. You're gonna need a lot of them for this though. You need to connect them to all the outlets in your house. This works because you no longer have any outlets to plug your power hungry devices in anymore.
Nerdforge : Love how you literally picked everything apart and showed us what happened! Great vid man :)
Elspin : For anyone curious, there is an actual industrial application to these things. As Scott said in the video, motors and capacitors create opposing shifts, the shift itself being called a "power factor" (a ratio of how much of your power is real). It's usually considered impractical and not bothered with to have residential customers billed for their power factor, but industrial customers often have a heavily skewed power factor without effort to fix this as their power consumption is heavily biased towards the inductive side due to (somewhat obviously) motors. As a result, factories bring people in to improve their power factor which does amount to adding some amount of capacitance. There's a bit about this in the wikipedia article on power factor. The idea that this would help a residential customer is pretty ridiculous, and there's a definite amount of cringe related to seeing a cheaply made metal box with no grounding they expect you to plug into your mains voltage.
Grant W. Whitwam : Good explanation, where I worked we had good size coolers for produce, meat, cheese, etc. We replaced the old ammonia system with 2 new freon systems, which were supposed to save a lot of money. Turned out it about doubled the electric cost. The electricians decided it was feeding back too much unused power back, since the new systems weren't working as hard as the older bigger ammonia compressor. They decided to install a big capacitor box like the small ones to cut down the bills, we had 3 phase with a demand meter. It did make a huge difference. Sorry I couldn't describe it better.
John Yancey : Great example! Thanks for going into the device and giving a detailed description and exposing the truth about the electrical junk people try to sell on the internet! I appreciate what you did.

Worst fake "power saver" plug yet

When I tested this it seemed like it might not even have a capacitor in it as the magic "mystery component". But it does. With extra mystical wiring.

Probably a nice night light, but don't use force to get its bizarre plug into a standard socket.

These units rely on deceptive marketing and science based loosely on power factor correction, which can't really be applied in this way to your home.

To be quite blunt - it's conmen blinding the average Joe with science.

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InceRumul : It saves power by blocking an outlet that could otherwise be useful.
Keep Talking, Nobody Listens : Everyone knows green light is all you need to be eco friendly.
David Handley : I once worked for a company that imported CCTV cameras from China. We requested that they increase the camera resolution from 480 lines to 540 lines. We were amazed to see the new cameras turn up a week later. Amazing! All they had done was alter the specifications in the paperwork, not the actual camera. Can’t say I was that surprised actually!
Penurious Sierra : That looks suspiciously like a plug-in wireless doorbell case!
David Evens : "Have they no scruples? No, none at all."
-Big Clive, while disassembling a fake version of a product that wouldn't actually work if it was real.




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