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The Hobbit - Misty Mountains Cold on STL Ocarina

Axe Ocarina is available at: https://www.stlocarina.com/axe.html


Laura Sexauer-- Tauriel
Sarah Crowder -- Director
Amy Koehler -- Make Up Artist
Heather Scott -- Ocarina

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/stlocarina
James : Imagine on a hike with your best friend, furthest you have ever been from home, not sure where your feet will take you, and you come across this elf in the woods.
Project: START : I love how she is dressed like Tauriel, an elf, while playing a very dwarvish song, symbolizing that relationship she held with Kili.
The Dreamer : 7 years later and you inspired another soul to pick up the flute/ocarina.

Thank you.
Nobody Really : I loved ever bit of this.
The Sweet Music
The Cosplay
And the locations...

Sarah W : My college prof added this to a playlist of stuff we need to watch for our music class's module on different kinds of flutes.

Best Of Ocarina - The complete collection

The Best Ocarina Melodies, enjoy and relax !
Manuela Sierra : My parents used to make me sleep with this music, I'm 26 years old and still listen, those sounds are magic!
Arash Ghashghaei : When I was a teenager, I bought the cassette and listen everyday in my Sony walkman. Those were the days... 20 years ago...
Nicolas L : list song
0:00 Song of ocarina
3:41 Implora(flute seule)
7:34 Montego bay
10:44 Bag pipe reggae(remasterised)
14:23 Amara
18:33 Ocarina burning
22:41 Girl from key biscayne
26:26 Hotel la luna
29:22 Song of ocarina(ocarina solo)
33:01 Moonlight reggae
37:43 Bonecas de plata
41:13 Implora(Violoncelle,ocarina,flute)
Luis Antonio Palomeque : Esta música es un gran homenaje a mi querido hermano Fernando,que fue quien me la hizo escuchar. Qué Dios te tenga en la gloria hermano. Gracias
OSCAR JAVIER BERMUDEZ PEÑA : Los escuchaba cuando tenía 7 años , auque era un niño me llenaba de mucho sentimiento está melodía hoy que tengo 33 y los vuelvo a escuchar es como devolver el tiempo y siento esas mismas sensaciones de paz , tranquilidad y amor

Song of Time on Ocarina

You've found my very first ocarina video from 2006! For new ocarina covers and tutorials, be sure to SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/DER-Subscribe


Q: Ocarinas are real?!
A: Yes. Contrary to popular belief, early models of the ocarina have been around for thousands of years. The Ocarina as we know it today was invented in Italy in the late 1800's by a man named Giuseppe Donati. Ocarinas were popular in Europe and Asia WAY before LoZ: OoT ever came out...even though that's how I discovered them.

Q: What kind of Ocarina is that?
A: It's a 12 Hole Alto C "Zelda Replica" by Spencer Register (that's not me...my name is David)

Q: Is this the Ocarina from Nintendo Power Magazine?
A: No. The add shown in those old ads was a 6 Hole Ocarina by Songbird Ocarinas and is still available here: http://songbirdocarina.com

Q: Can I buy your Ocarina?
A: Ummm...no xD

For more information on Ocarinas, you can check out my channel and subscribe for future videos. Thanks and enjoy the exciting world of Ocarinas!

UPDATE (6/25/08):
1,000,000 Views!? WOW!!! Thanks to everyone who helped make this the most popular ocarina vid on youtube :)

UPDATE (3/7/09):
2,010,000 views. When will the insanity end! Thanks for still making this the most popular ocarina video in the world!

UPDATE (9/4/10)
Sometime in the last two weeks, the vid hit over 4 million views and is now around 4,048,000. I'm just going to stop checking now, lol. Glad you guys enjoy the vid :)

ASCII Art by Forceful Dragon http://bit.ly/kVUOrZ

David Erick Ramos - Ocarina : If you're watching this in 2021 - Hello! This was my first ocarina video that I posted almost 15 years ago, and I'm still making ocarina videos today. Check out my latest video to see how much I've improved

Moriarchy : seriously wondering how many people always try to learn the song of time when they first get their ocarina.
a bird : If you guys are planning on getting an ocarina, I highly suggest saving up for a professionally made one from a trusted sight. 99% of ocarinas are made more so for display rather than being an instrument, so getting a high-grade ocarina is definetly worth it
Rose Lily : Such a beautiful sound! Makes me just want to go to the woods and sit on the ground while playing one!
Meme Santa : I'm thoroughly convinced that the Venn diagram of people who play the ocarina and Zelda fans is just a circle inside a bigger circle




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